Category “B” course in English

What can you drive with a category B driving licence?

  • A passenger car that has a maximum authorised mass of up to 3500 kg, having not more than 8 fixed seats
    apart from the driver’s seat.
  • With motorcars belonging to category “B” you can tow a light trailer if the maximum authorised mass of the trailer is not more than 750 kg. Thus, the total weight of the coupled vehicles might reach 4250 kg.
  • With motorcars belonging to category “B” you can tow a heavier trailer (exceeding a weight of 750 kg) if the combined maximum authorised mass of the towing car and trailer is not more than 3500 kg, and the total weight of the heavy trailer does not exceed the own weight of the towing car.

With a category “B” driving licence you can also drive:

  • a tractor with a light trailer,
  • a moped, a slow vehicle with a trailer,
  • a garden tractor,
  • an animal-drawn vehicle.

Entry requirements for the course:

  • The minimum age for applying the theory course is 16,5 years.
  • Medical certificate in fitness category 1 (made by your general practitioner).
  • An elementary (8 years of education) or higher school certificate. (Foreign school certificates must be
    translated into Hungarian. This can be done by OFFI, the official translation service in Hungary. If you are a student of the university, a “Certificate of Student Status” is acceptable too.)
  • ID or passport.
  • Address card or residence permit, valid for at least 6 months.

Driving course includes the followings:

Theory course (e-learning):

  • You can prepare for the theory test via e-learning, according to your own schedule. The curriculum consists of basic knowledge of traffic regulations, car mechanics and theory of driving. The e-learning program includes the official theory test’s questions. You can start learning right after you applied for the course.
    Once you have reached 100% in the e-learning program, you can book a theory test in our office.

Theory test:

  • You can take the theory test at the minimum age of 16 years and 9 months.
    The theory test is computer-based. You have to answer 55 questions in 55 minutes. Out of a possible 75
    points you need to obtain 65 to pass.
    The theory test takes place at the KAV Examination Center (KAV Közlekedési Alkalmassági és Vizsgaközpont –
    53 Arany János street, Debrecen).
    You have to take the theory test 9 months after starting the theory course (the first log-in to the e-learning
    program), and have to successfully pass it in 12 months from that exact date. If the deadline expires, you
    have to take the whole course again.

Driving practice:

  • After passing the theory test, you are allowed to start driving lessons. According to Hungarian rules, 29 lessons (including 9 lessons basic driving, 14 lessons city driving, 4 lessons highway driving, 2 lessons night driving) and 580 kilometres of driving are required before taking the driving test. One driving lesson is 50 minutes long. After you became certain in practice, you will be applied for a driving test arranged by your driving instructor.

Driving test (practical):

  • You can take the practical test at the minimum age of 17 years.
    The duration of the driving test is 60 minutes.
    The theory test is valid for 2 years from the date it was passed. If you do not pass the driving test within this time frame, you have to take the whole course again.

First Aid test:

  • You have to pass a First Aid test at the Hungarian Red Cross before you get your driving licence. First Aid
    courses are available at the Hungarian Red Cross. Booking a First Aid test:
    -in person: 37 Hatvan street, Debrecen (Magyar Vöröskereszt Oktatási és Vizsgaközpont)
    -by phone: +36-52-316-330 ; +36-52-316-679
    You do not have to take the First Aid test if you have a medical qualification and you can prove it with a
    certificate (doctor, apothecary, dentist, nurse, health visitor, dietitian, physiotherapist, paramedic, maternity nurse, public health inspector, epidemic inspector, or other health professional qualifications).


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